Support Groups

Since 2013 COPD Support Ireland has brought together more than 29 peer support groups from all around Ireland. These local support groups bring together those living with and caring for someone with COPD. With the help of COPD Support Ireland, these support groups are run by a local representative, who like us are there to help with any questions members may have. The purpose of the groups is to support and provide information to those who are living with COPD or who have a family member who is living with COPD. These groups have been the foundation and community for many living with this condition.

Peer to peer support: The purpose and implementation of peer-to-peer support in COPD Support

COPD Ireland groups has proved to have significant benefits to those suffering from this condition. We have found it is an essential part of COPD disease management, with a structured but personalised approach for everyone. The goal of these peer-to-peer support groups is to motivate, engage and support members and patients to help them overcome any negative feelings and physical symptoms in their day-to-day life through the integration of peer support and care. The importance of interacting with those in your community who suffer from the same or similar condition is part of COPDSI self- management. These peer-to-peer support groups have been a positive outlet for those experiencing both mental and physical symptoms of COPD.

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Exercise Classes

There are multiple benefits from exercising when living with a chronic health condition, or as an older adult. COPDSI has developed an exercise programme delivered by a trained professional, who is able to tailor the exercises to your needs and ability. These classes are designed to help improve your physical, and mental symptoms. These classes take place either one or twice a week a specific time depending on the region. Participation in these classes has been proven to increase muscle strength, flexibility, strength and most importantly control of breathing.

To become a member and attend these exercises classes, visit our website and fill out the membership form.

Social Events

The COPDSI support groups provide an excellent source of social activities for those who live with COPD. It can be as little as a one to one chat on the phone for someone who is feeling a bit down to group support for someone who has been admitted to hospital and needs a pick me up!

The local support groups also run coffee mornings, book clubs, gardening talks, workshops and much, much more.


Other services we offer now include SingStrong, a choral choir created by vocal coach Ciara Meade and lecturer of cardiovascular and respiratory physiotherapy, Roisin Cahalan. This project was set up to combat COPD and other lung inflammatory diseases; by joining together those who suffer from this condition and using singing as a way of controlling their symptoms while also having fun. The SingStrong group carried out a fantastic performance in 2019 in the University of Limerick, proving extremely popular. The classes run over a 10-week period, with two sessions a week taking place.

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