Holidays And Travel


You can still enjoy a full and active life with COPD including holidays and travelling abroad. However, being organised for travel is important if you have any illness not just COPD. Travel is a break in the daily pattern of life and if you suffer from COPD it can affect your breathing pattern and oxygen transfer as it requires a bit more exertion than you may normally use.

Here are a few pointers to help you get on your way:

  • Pack well in advance
  • Ensure you have a full supply of medications and probably a rescue prescription in case you need antibiotics or steroids when away from home
  • If not taking your own transport, ensure you bring your nebuliser machine and 2 – 3 days supply of medications with you as hand luggage, in case your main luggage gets mislaid
  • If travelling by plane please be aware that some airlines may require a letter to allow you carry medications and equipment on the aircraft, so it is important for you to state this at the time of making a booking and consult your G.P. or respiratory physician prior to travelling
  • To minimise the effects of air pollution on your breathing try to travel before rush hours or after sunset when the air is cooler and pollution will less
  • Avoid heavily travelled roads if possible
  • Pace your journey, take plenty of rest breaks and get out and stretch your legs if possible