Important information for oxygen users (borrowed with kind permission from ILFA)

Register as a Priority Support Customer with your electricity supplier. 

When you are prescribed oxygen, you should contact your electricity supplier as soon as possible to register as a ‘Priority Support Customer’. If there are planned electricity cuts, the Electric Ireland Network will let you know the date and time of the cuts. 

What to do in case of a power cut:

It is important to be prepared and know what to do in case there is a loss of electricity. You should talk to your family so they are prepared too and can help you. If there is a power cut, try not to panic as this could make your breathing worse. If there is a power cut: 

1. Transfer from your home concentrator to your back-up oxygen cylinder. 

2. Call the Electric Ireland Network customer care centre on 1850 372 999. The sooner you contact them, the sooner they can respond. If the power cut is going to last a long time, you may need to go with your oxygen concentrator to another house that still has an electricity supply or to a hospital that can give you oxygen. Always be prepared for power cuts 

– Make sure you have enough oxygen at all times. 

– Order your oxygen re-fills in advance. Don’t leave this to the last minute. 

– Know how to transfer to your emergency oxygen supply. 

– Make a list with telephone numbers for your electricity supplier, oxygen company, doctor and GP co-op (for night-time and weekends).