Women and COPD Awareness Project

Help create more awareness for women suffering from COPD – Be the Voice of female COPD patients in Ireland.

Are you female, between 40 – 65 years old, diagnosed with COPD and living in Ireland? Then you might be exactly the person we are looking for!

We are looking for female COPD patients who are interested in talking about Life with COPD for an awareness and education campaign.

This Novartis sponsored initiative is designed to create educational films to inform the public and other patients about the impact of COPD on women’s lives.

For this education video, we would like to conduct interviews. These interviews will be held in Dublin on December 11th and 12th 2015. They are split into two parts:

In the morning/early afternoon we would like to talk to you and your closest friend/spouse or child. In this first session, which lasts 90 minutes we would like to learn more about the impact of COPD on your life.

In the late afternoon/evening we would then like to invite you, together with other women with COPD, to an informal talk show style group discussion. Here we would like to learn more about life with COPD and the impact it has. This session will last 90 minutes as well.

Your time and your valuable input will of course be remunerated with EUR 100-200,–. We will also cover all your travel expenses.

Could we raise your interest? We would be delighted to invite you to this interesting project and to provide more details.

If you think you might fit into target group and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of helping to create more awareness for COPD in Ireland, please get in touch with Damien Peelo (email: damienpeelo@copd.ie, phone: 0871379447) today!