Please note that COPD Support Ireland is in no way endorsing any of these surveys / studies. We are merely making them available to view and each individual can decide themselves if they wish to participate in any study or survey. If you are interested in participating in any of these then please contact the organisation / individual undertaking the study / survey directly.

Understanding unmet needs today and in the future for strategic development guidance, respiratory patient perspective


EFA – European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations in association with one of their corporate partners, Roche, is  doing some research and they are interested  in interviewing patient leaders on future unmet needs on asthma / COPD / respiratory (depending on your expertise) especially when it comes to treatments.  The study is described below:

In the interviews we are planning to run in the next several days, we are looking for candidates who could help us understand how future patient unmet needs will evolve over the next 5-10 years, especially thinking about patients’ expectations from drugs or how they want to live their lives better. More specifically, we are planning to ask a number of questions with the key themes below:

  • Unmet needs for asthma/COPD Patients now and in 2030
  • Ideal therapeutic & non-therapeutic solutions from the patients’ perspective to address remaining unmet needs
  • Challenges in addressing asthma/COPD Patients unmet needs
  • How Patient – HCP communications influence treatment decisions – what works, what needs to change, what needs to be started?

This will in the end help us identify the areas where Roche can best serve the needs of respiratory patients in the future.

We are currently partnering with a company called Adeptfield to run the interviews. Their project director, @Deepa Patel (+44 20 3432 8216,, will soon reach out to you directly. Ideally we would love to run the interviews before the end of next week but we would love to hear your availability as well.

They offer a honorarium of 220 for the person interviewed, and a donation for the organisation of same amount if appropriate. The interview will be in English.

If you are interested please contact the project director Deepa Patel directly on

A request from the School of Medicine in NUIG for people living with Conditions such as COPD to speak with their students in a new teaching initiative


The School of Medicine in NUIG are seeking people living with chronic conditions such as COPD, to speak to their students (virtually via Zoom) about their experience of living with COPD day -to -day and also to speak to their experiences of being admitted to hospital due to their condition (if this has ever happened for them). We believe and train our students to keep patients at the centre of their minds, and the centre of any care decisions so ensuring the voices of those living with chronic conditions is included in their learning is very important.

We have completed some similar work in the last 6 months with participants associated with other charities/community groups and the feedback has been very positive. Please note any individuals that would like to get involved, would be re-imbursed for their time as we recognise that their time and input is valuable.  Ideally we are seeking somebody living with COPD who has required at least 1 hospital admission due to an acute deterioration of their condition e.g., infection, perhaps someone who has engaged with pulmonary rehab/physio programme or who uses home oxygen.

The initiative is purely for online interaction via Zoom so there would be no need to attend NUIG face to face, especially in light of the current national COVID19 situation.

If you are interested in participating please contact directly:


Dr. Jennifer Yates, MRCPCH

LAB in Professional Development

School of Medicine, NUIG


Louth Cardiac Study

ACT Cardiac Study

Short ACT study flyer

ELF Survey

This survey is part of the FAIR project, an EU-funded project by Horizon 2020.

In the study, researchers want to learn about people’s attitudes towards a new treatment for lung infections such as pneumonia. People with existing lung conditions, such as asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis and who may have experience of lung infections are welcome to get involved. The researchers want to understand what makes people feel a certain way and what changes they might need to take to make the treatment more suitable for patients and their doctors/nurses.

They want to hear from people with a lung infection or with a history of lung infections, as well as healthcare professionals who treat patients with lung infections.

The survey will take around 20-30 minutes and is available in English and French.

Find out more about this study and complete the survey:

Information in French / Informations en français.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues, friends and any interested parties. Please also consider sharing ELF’s social media posts about the survey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The survey will be open until the end of March 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Coleman ( from the ELF patient input team.