Becoming A Member

Repro Free: Thursday 9th November 2017. COPD Support Ireland call on the country to join the conversation and talkCOPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) World Awareness Week (13th to 17th November) Nationwide events planned for World COPD Day on the 15th of November, COPD Support Ireland, a national charity for all those living with the disease, is delighted to announce a week of events to help raise awareness and encourage people to start a conversation about the illness. talkCOPD is about getting the nation talking and telling their stories about their experiences with COPD. Some will have the respiratory condition, some will care for family and friends who suffer from COPD, while others join in the narrative for the first time this November. We want people to hear about a condition that affects around 380,000 people in Ireland, with an estimated 120,000 more undiagnosed. Pictured at Holy Child Parish Centre Whitehall, Dublin were Anna Rothwell, Mary Saurin, Sue Bowles, Bernard Moore, Mona Scott, Gerry O’Brien, Thelma Foley and Derek Gallagher. Picture Jason Clarke

Who can become a Member?

COPD Support Ireland is a National umbrella group for individuals and organisations in the health charity sector. Its members include:

  1. Local COPD Support Groups
  2. Individuals such as people living with COPD and family members, those working in services, students, or any person with an interest in COPD can become an individual member of COPD Support Ireland.
  3. Voluntary and Statutory organisations providing services to people with COPD
  4. Health Professional Bodies
  5. Trade Unions

Why become a member of COPD Support Ireland?

Through the strength of its membership COPD Support Ireland can advocate more effectively for better services, based on the opinion and experiences of a broader group of people and organisations. In return for your support, we promise you:

  • access to our information service;
  • access to our advocacy service;
  • a free copy of all our publications when they are published;
  • access to COPD SI staff if you would like an information talk on any aspect of our work;
  • you will receive the quarterly newsletter;
  • you will be notified of all conferences, seminars and other events regionally and nationally;
  • you will be provided with the opportunity to input into shaping response to Government & HSE policy both at local and national level;

How to join & membership fees

COPD Support Ireland has a number of  membership criteria , full member, individual member, general member and National/ International membership

COPD Support Ireland membership criteria

  1. Full Member

Criteria – Must be a Local COPD Support Organisation/Group

The Rights Afforded to Full Members are:

  • Receive all information from COPD SI
  • Can be involved in Working Groups and Regional Networks
  • Invited to annual conference
  • Can be nominated to be member of the Board of COPD SI
  1. Individual Member

Criteria – Individuals with COPD/family members or carers who are not linked into local groups and who sign up to the Core Principles, aims and objectives of COPD SI.

The Rights Afforded to Individual Members are:

  • Can receive newsletter and general information
  • Can be Involved in National Working Groups
  • Can be involved in Regional Networks
  • Can attend the annual conference
  1. General Member

Criteria – PHC Programme, Health professional bodies, Voluntary Service Providers, State Sector Orgs and other individuals who support the aims and objectives of COPDSI.

The Rights Afforded to Associate Members are:

  • Can receive ITM newsletter and general information
  • Invited to the annual conference
  • Can be involved in National Working Groups
  1. National/ International Full Member

Criteria – National and International Health Organisations

The Rights Afforded to National and International Members are:

  • Invited to Annual Conference
  • Receive all information
  • Can be on National Working Groups

How to pay

You can pay online by filling out the online application form. Once you fill out the form online, you are given the option of paying online via paypal

COPD Support Ireland also accepts bank drafts, cheques and postal orders. Please call 01 2833500 if you have any queries regarding payment.

Renewing Membership

Current COPD Support Ireland Members can renew membership and pay their fee online or by downloading the application form and posting it with the correct fee to CODP Support Ireland, Brookfield House, Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Membership Application Forms