Dr. Rory O’Donnell from St. James’ Hospital will come to the next COPD Support Group meeting in the Ballyfermot Library on Friday 27th May at 2pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet an expert on COPD and learn more about the disease, what research is happening into COPD and how a support group…

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Next COPD Group meeting in Galway is in the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre on Tuesday 10th May at 2pm.  The Group is a safe and friendly space to learn more about COPD and to meet other people living with the illness. A physiotherapist will give a talk and there will be information about setting…

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North Dublin COPD Support Group is holding a meeting on Thursday 28th April at 2pm in the Whitehall Parish Centre.  We will be discussing the need for a local exercise group for people living with COPD.  Come along if you are a family member is living with COPD. All welcome.

Our first National members meeting of 2016 will take place in Portlaoise. The meeting is open to member groups and individual members who have paid their annual subscription. Each member group is invited to bring a maximum of 3 people. The meetings are an excellent opportunity to share information and resources with other support groups….

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If you or someone you care for is living with COPD, come and join us at this public meeting. Find our more information about COPD and help set up a new Support Group in your area for people living with COPD   Poster Final COPD for public meeting (2) doc COPD x

Women and COPD

Help create more awareness for women suffering from COPD – Be the Voice of female COPD patients in Ireland. Are you female, between 40 – 65 years old, diagnosed with COPD and living in Ireland? Then you might be exactly the person we are looking for! We are looking for female COPD patients who are…

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Save Your breath

Visit one of our health check in locations for a free spirometry test and learn more about COPD. Find our more here

Our 4th National members meeting will take place on Friday 25th September at 12.30 to 4pm Update from around the country World COPD Week plans 2015 Development of our top 5 priorities for Election manifesto Guest Speaker Prof. Tim McDonnell – Clinical Lead of National COPD Working Group  

Flier for public meeting If you are living with COPD and want to find out more information and speak to some experts come along to the public meeting.  Help set up a local COPD Support Group for your area.